Top selling SUV in India – Mahindra Scorpio, Always Ahead of the Others

Sports utility vehicles are in trend nowadays as people are generally on the lookout for more space and more style in their cars. Moreover, SUVs seem to be the best option considering the pathetic road conditions in India. The Indian car market is now flooded with big, beautiful and efficient SUVs as all major automakers are out with SUVs to combat the aggressive competition in this segment.

Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport have been selling like hot cakes in the past year. Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Terrano and Honda CR-V too are running well in the SUV market. However, the domestic brand, Mahindra and Mahindra, has managed to make it to the top of the list this year. Mahindra has many SUVs like the Scorpio, Bolero, Thar and XUV500. Mahindra claimed the highest sales for its old Scorpio during the year.

Sports utility vehicles are taller and much bigger than a sedan, hatchback or wagons with a high ground clearance. There are many vehicles which look like SUVs but do not fit in this definition of SUVs like the Quanto, Innova and so on. Such vehicles have not been considered in this comparison.

The Indian automobile giant Mahindra started Scorpio’s success story in the year 2002. It was then not only accepted by the Indian car lovers, but it soon turned out to be a global frenzy. This vehicle has bagged many awards and accolades for the company. In spite of the huge success, the company has taken care to constantly modify and upgrade the vehicle and enhance it with further fresh features and facilities.

The current Scorpio is powered by the mHawk Diesel engine which holds a capacity of 2.2 litres with 4 cylinders that delivers 120 hp. The engine has improved fuel efficiency and torque figures as it is based on Bosch Common Rail system with solenoid injectors and fuel spray design. The ride quality is superb compared to other vehicles of this size. Handling of the Scorpio both on tarred roads and on off roads is equally efficient. This vehicle is best suited for Indian roads.

It has a tremendous road presence with rugged looks and upright stance. Seven to nine people can easily fit in along with luggage. Moreover, they can be assured of enough headspace and knee room. It promises the best in class comfort features and does not compromise on the safety aspect at all. Another advantage is that it is easily serviceable across the country.

Top selling SUV in India

Mahindra Scorpio price in the Indian markets between Rs 7 to 12 lakhs. All said, these vehicles are in close competition always and the victor could change anytime.      

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Auto Brake Replacement: Tips and Common Practices

Auto Brake Replacement

Realizing if you want a new brake replacement is not just crucial to your basic safety but in addition towards the overall valuation on your current car. Rehearsing routine routine maintenance on your own car or even delivering it in order to professionals who can diagnose along with repair any kind of car concern is critical all through the year yet particularly in the winter season while highway situations degrade. The brake rotors as well as brake patches supply the required drive to gradual and prevent your automobile, consequently the reason why brake replacement is really important.

History of the Brake

History of the Brake


The brake is an essential feature of any motor vehicle; without them, transport as we know it today would be impossible. British drivers are required to have their vehicle’s stopping ability stringently tested every year. But how, exactly, do brakes work? And what is it that makes one brake (or series of brakes) work better than another?

The idea of preventing a vehicle from moving certainly predates the internal combustion engine.  Crude parking brakes have been around for millennia, with early forms of chariot being prevented from moving by simply jamming a stick into a hole in the wheel. Modern brakes, thankfully, are a lot more sophisticated.

How do brakes work?

It may seem obvious that brakes work by applying pressure to a tyre, thus preventing it from moving, but this is only part of the story.

All brakes rely on the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy in a closed system cannot be created or destroyed, merely changed from one form to another. The purpose of a brake is to reduce a vehicle’s motion, or kinetic energy. This is energy that converted into heat through friction, which brings the vehicle to a halt.This is why drivers of performance cars and motorcycles observe a reduction in their braking ability during hot weather:  the brake cannot store any more heat, and so cannot stop the car. Performance vehicles and racing cars often contain elaborate cool systems in order to prevent this.

The different types of brakes

Drum brakes

Drum brakes are the sorts which are often found on older vehicles. They rely on a spinning container, called a drum, which is affixed to the inside of the wheel. Inside the drum reside one or more semi-circular rubber contacts (called shoes), attached to springs. When the brakes are applied, these shoes press against the exterior of the drum, generating friction which in turn slows the car down.

Drum Brakes

Single versus Double leading edge

Since the shoe is on a pivot, its entirety cannot come into contact with the inside of the drum at one time; only the edge closest to the pivot can do so. This edge is called the leading edge, while the other edge is called the trailing edge. The spinning of the drum will attract the leading edge, due to friction, which will endow the leading edge with greater grip than the trailing edge.

Disc brakes

Newer vehicles come equipped with disc brakes, as they are superior to drum brakes. Instead of a drum, you have a disc and instead of shoes you have a series of hydraulic callipers which clamp down on the sides of the disc, thereby slowing the car down.

Disc brakes

Problems can arise from these hydraulic callipers being misaligned, even by just a little. The misaligned part will spin through the clamped-down callipers, causing a juddering vibration.  Advances in machining have all but eliminated these sorts of problems in newer vehicles. A solution lies in having two platters which are free to move slightly relative to one another, thus preventing any rouge vibrations from finding their way into the suspension.

MOT Test

In order to pass an MOT test, a vehicle must undergo a series of stringent examinations to its brakes.  This is done, where possible, using a roller brake tester, which consists of a variety of devices which measure brake performance and a series of rollers built into the floor which spin the wheels of the vehicle. The brakes are applied and their performance measured.

There are a number of factors which could cause the car to fail its MOT.

  • The brakes do not work. If the brakes on any wheel do not bite, it will fail.
  • The brakes axles are out of balance by more than 30%
  • One or more of the brakes are binding – This means that it is stuck to the wheel, even when neither the brake pedal nor the handbrake is being depressed.
  • The braking effort is inconsistent. When the service engineer gradually depresses the service brake, the brakes on each wheel do not clamp down at the same rate.Similarly, brakes which release at different rates will also fail the test.
  • The brakes fluctuate excessively as the wheel spins. Some fluctuation is permissible and even necessary, but if the problem becomes too great then the vehicle could become dangerous.

Obviously, a car’s ability to stop is the one of its most important safety features and there is obvious good sense in ensuring that all of the cars on the roads meet with this standard.  However, should you notice that your brakes aren’t working as they should, it is important to get it looked at before your next car service and MOT is due. The problem may be one that can be solved easily and cheaply, using a price comparison site such as

Obtaining a Great Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener

The aroma of an completely new car can be quite pleasurable. Unfortunately, that scent can easily diminish quickly in case your car just isn’t kept clean. Odors from waste, dirt, using tobacco, and so forth can impact the automobile’s inside may aroma. Maintaining your car clear might help avoid this issue and keep scents away. This can also aid protect your new car fragrance. A new car air freshener or car deodorizer also can get rid of smells and also help the smell of your car. These can be practiced with assorted aromas. The majority are accessible to select from supplying you with an assortment to match your very own personal preference. Eliminating foul aromas along with odors whilst you along with your travellers content when riding in your automobile. Attempting basic suggestions or perhaps tips can produce a comprehensive difference in the quality of your automobile.

Selecting a Limousine Color to Suit Your Style

Limousine Color

Various personalities get different taste in colors. When it comes to deciding on a limo, a company male’s alternative can easily depend more on the black fancy car as well as a bride-to-be can select any white fancy car. Cars are getting to be an absolute necessity for each function along with the range of color seems to be the top concern.

Whenever you work with a limousine program, you are able to vacation with style and comfort. Additionally, it’s interior will be surrounded through luxurious, energy along with esteem. And merely when you believe the effort is over with all the selection of type of your current fancy car, generally there jumps one more this also time oahu is the color of the chauffeur driven car!

Ute Car Accessories : Safeguarding Your Vehicle


Every time looking at choosing the leading car accessories for the car or truck, which includes containers, step ladder shelving, roof structure holders, Tops, canopies & instrument containers, there are some specifics you need to take into consideration so you can get the most out of the task. Spending less in the long run could possibly be important, however you should concentrate on the quality of the merchandise you happen to be getting if you are in fact interested in your automobile. Adding fashion and sophistication for your car can be almost always a brilliant factor and definately will absorb it the main regarding interest. Auto components are beginning to become easy way to raise the value of your automobile. Various add-ons possess various reasons; many are pertaining to security and therefore are other people only for the look you need the car to supply.